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Volcanic Caverns is a level I made with Unity as part of a course in level design. I used free assets from Unity's 3D Game Kit and focused on:

  • Blockout of rooms with Probuilder, Unity's mesh/modeling tool
  • Platform placement, motion, and timing
  • Adapting the provided "acid" material & shader for lava
  • Placing stonework models all over the blockout
  • Writing a small amount of code for the last platform series

My goal was to make the platform jumps difficult, but not impossible. The level could take 5-20 minutes to complete depending on how many tries it takes.

Note: If the player jumps and lands on the ground while still pressing forward, they perform a roll, sometimes unintentionally off a ledge or platform. To avoid this, release the forward button before landing.

If you liked the level or have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment!


Volcanic Caverns.zip 521 MB

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